iOS developer’s salary in US

iOS developer’s salary in US




In the United States, an iOS developer normally earns roughly $99,500 USD per year. Salaries vary from 52,700 USD (the lowest) to 151,000 USD (the highest).


Salaries for iOS developers vary greatly depending on experience, abilities, gender, and region. Below is a thorough analysis based on a variety of parameters.






Who is an iOS developer?


First and foremost, the question is what is the iOS development? iOS app development is the tool for producing mobile applications for Apple’s operating system.  This system allows the development of the necessary applications for respective devices. It is flexible in terms of installing the intended language, which operates quite effectively.


The system also gives the opportunity to fix, modify, or change the apps simultaneously, following the standards and procedures set by the company.


iOS developers are tasked with elaborating different applications for iPhones, iPads, and other devices. The list of responsibilities involves market research, testing the apps, and constructing the digital codes for applications. Quality iOS developers can produce the application while simultaneously being able to meet the customer’s demands.  Being well-versed in software development is a key aspect of becoming a successful iOS developer.


Different coding languages are one of the main priorities for iOS developers due to the fact that systems are closely interlinked and constant communication is a must. The iOS system needs to be mastered by individuals desiring to become professionals.


iOS has certain characteristics that developers need to work around. Knowledge of different technical aspects such as fonts, graphics, and the visual display is a must in order to get substantial and first-hand knowledge of the iOS platform.




iOS developer salary in the US


Salary of an iOS Developer Based on Years of Experience


The most crucial element and criteria in determining the salary is the amount of work experience. More years of experience should translate into an increased salary.


Below are the numbers for the earnings of iOS developers in the US:


An iOS developer with less than 2 years of experience should earn approximately $60,600 USD on an annual basis.


A developer with 2 to 5 years of experience is expected to have 74,400 USD annually, which is 23% higher than someone with less than 2 years of work experience in the field.


A developer with 5 to 10 years of experience earns 105,000 USD annually, which is 42% more than someone with 2 to 5 years of experience.


Better education is expected to lead to better wages, but how does education play a role in defining the salary for this position on the market?


The average income of an iOS Developer with a Certificate or Diploma is an annual 74,400 USD.


A person with a bachelor’s degree earns 96,100 USD a year, which is 29% more than someone with a certificate or diploma.


A master’s degree earns its recipient an average annual salary of 137,000 USD, 43% more than a bachelor’s degree.


These were the numbers that are also to be expected for iOS developers in the US in 2023.



Best US companies to work as an iOS developer


Here you can find the top companies working in the field of iOS development.


1. Intuz


2. eleks


3. Groovy Web


4. A3logics


5. Owebest Konstant Infosolutions


6. Emizen Tech


7. Intellectsoft


8. EvaCodes Linkup Studio


9. Tech Exactly


10. Uinno


11. Wolfpack Digital


12. App Maisters


13. TopDevs


14. VironIT


15. Fortnight Studio


16. Light IT





The iOS developer’s profession requires a lot of hard work and zeal. It requires patience, improving your skills, understanding technical details and insights of the platform, coding, visual density, design, and much more. To become a top iOS developer, you must possess all of the skills mentioned above and then some!


At first, it might be frustrating to spend so much time mastering these skills, but the end result should be satisfying. The end result is a top iOS developer, ready to take on any challenge and compete in a crowded market. Development is rapidly growing and is expected to attract even more developers and newcomers alike.  The new research seems to suggest that by 2026, the number of new employees should increase to more than 300,000 incumbents.