Android developer’s salary in US



Android developer’s salary in US



An Android developer in the United States normally earns roughly 91,900 USD per year. Salaries vary from 44,100 USD (the lowest) to 144,000 USD (the highest).

Salaries for Android developers vary greatly depending on experience, abilities, gender, and region. Below is a thorough analysis based on a variety of parameters.




Who is an Android developer? 


An Android developer is an individual who possesses very specific skills for building applications for Android systems. Android systems are immensely popular nowadays, so the technical support for building the digital infrastructure is also becoming more and more demanding. According to various research, Android systems are expected to turn up in popularity by 17% by 2024.  From a purely technical standpoint, iOS developers and Android developers are similar.  An Android developer is responsible for maintaining the application and ensuring it is free of potential bugs and system hiccups disrupting the regular usage for customers. The responsibility is not bound by bug fixing and maintenance. It also encompasses a wide array of duties listed below:


1. Design applications with interactive UI


2. Design and maintain reusable and high-performance code


3. Troubleshoot and fix bugs


4. Keep Updated about new development tools


5. Work with different APIs


6. Think about the user’s requirement


7. Ensure the best possible performance and quality of the application


8. Adding the Databases



Best US companies to work as an Android developer


As of late, a dramatic increase has been observed in the mobile application market. Smartphones are now everywhere and this spike in demand has also caused the demand for technical maintenance to rise to the point that now the android developer is considered one of the booming professions out there.


1. Diffco

Mobile and Web development partners you can rely on


2. TechAhead

Leading The Emerging Future


3. WillowTree

The Mobile Innovation Agency


4. Rightpoint

the digital consultancy with technology at its core


5. ArcTouch

An award-winning mobile app development company



Android developer salary in US


We all know that better education leads to higher wages, but how much more can a degree add to your earnings? We divided Android Developer salaries by education level to provide a comparison.


With a certificate or diploma, an Android developer can expect to make 64,100 USD per year.


A person with a bachelor’s degree earns 102,000 USD a year, which is 59% more than someone with a certificate or diploma.


A master’s degree earns its recipient an average annual salary of 136,000 USD, 33% more than a bachelor’s degree.

Android developers earn 6% more than programmers and developers on average. Furthermore, programmers and developers earn 9% less than information technology professionals.

Android developer(s) in the United States may expect a pay rise of about 11% every 18 months. The national average yearly raise for all professions combined is 8%, with employees receiving it every 16 months.

This is the range of salaries for iOS developers in the US in 2023.





Wages for Android developers are skyrocketing due to the boom in the industry. The level of demand is unprecedented for mobile applications. Applications have become an indivisible part of our lives, making it difficult to let go of all the benefits stemming from the technological revolution of the 21st century. Learning and educating yourself on mobile applications could be a huge success career-wise, as this occupation is showing no signs of decreasing or slowing down in the near future, to say the least. This profession is highly demanding right now, so it might be a good idea to think about switching to Android development and building the future you deserve. Just be aware of the demanding work and study time it requires, but no success is achieved without essential sacrifice.