Node.js developer’s salary in US

Node.js developer’s salary in US



What does a NODE JS developer earn?

The average yearly salary for a NODE JS Developer in the United States is $116,254 as of December 1, 2022.

In case you need a quick salary calculation, that works out to about $55.89 per hour. This equates to $2,235 each week or $9,687 per month.





Who is a Node.js developer?


What exactly is Node.js?

Before diving deep into the whole matter of Node.js, it is advisable to first determine the notion of what this term implies. Node. js represents a platform on which could be developed various apps. It is worth mentioning that this platform is flexible, meaning that it could also run on different platforms as long as those platforms support JavaScript. This program allows developers to write codes and interact with different servers. Node.js employment-driven tool.  Due to its nature, it is a very adaptive and efficient platform to utilize. A unique thing about Node.js is its flexibility with various devices.


What exactly is a Node.js developer?

A developer who specializes in this software is responsible for maintaining and managing different applications. It is the developer’s responsibility to make sure the information between servers and users is exchanged. They are tasked with developing most of the components and connecting third-party web services to different applications.

They don’t always work alone. Their effort might need to be collected since their work often requires a lot of communication exchange. Their function is mostly defined by the concrete needs of the given situation or the business enterprise where they find themselves working.



Best US companies to work as a Node.js developer


There is a chance you have heard about this platform that we are talking about today. Node.js apps provide quality performance for different companies on the market. But the question is: what types of companies are we talking about? Down below, you will find the companies that heavily utilize this platform for their own needs. You will get an overview of these companies and an idea of exactly why they have decided to choose this particular tool.



Netflix encompasses more than 182 million customers (estimated based on October 2019 data) and has been actively trying to improve the customer experience. It utilized Java-backed technology until 2015. Despite its pluses, it had a couple of drawbacks in the form of long user wait times. Due to the abovementioned reasons, Netflix has decided to switch to Node.js to dramatically improve the user experience.



Trello represents a widely known project management application. Due to its heavy usability, it required some sort of programming refreshment, and Node.js was an ideal choice for this application. Trello is running on the Java script, which is part of the JavaScript digital language.



PayPal, which is one of the biggest digital payment applications in the world, was experiencing the same challenges connected to overly long waiting times for its users. Due to this, PayPal has also decided to switch to Node.js



Walmart represents the biggest grocery store chain in the entire world.  Similar to other companies, it has also intended to digitalize its products and services, for which it has optimized its e-commerce website. The results were quite successful, culminating in an adaptive and easy-to-access system for customers. This website has almost 80 million visitors each month, but the currently utilized system is more than capable of handling the high volume of users. The loading time is fairly quick. It is noteworthy that the Java program could not provide sufficient technical and digital support in the past, which was also one of the main reasons it switched to a different tool as the fundamental architecture for its website.



Uber was one of the first companies that heavily relied on Node.js as a fundamental architecture for its digitalized services. Given Uber’s enormous and gigantic digital traffic, it needed a tool that could handle the high volumes of users.




Node.js developer salary in US


The most essential criterion in deciding remuneration is the amount of experience. Naturally, the more years of experience you have, the greater your salary. This is what we discovered after breaking down Node.js Developer wages by experience level.


Here are the salary ranges for Node.js developers in the US:


A Node.js Developer with less than two years of experience earns approximately $52,100 USD annually


A developer with two to five years of experience is expected to earn 71,800 USD annually, which is 38% more than someone with less than two years of work experience.


To go further, someone with five to ten years of experience earns 102,000 USD per year, which is 42% more than someone with two to five years of experience.


It is a no-brainer that better education should result in a greater salary, but what type of influence can a degree have and what can it add to your salary? The average income of a Node.js developer with a certificate or diploma is 62,200 USD per year.


Bachelor’s Degree can have an earning of 98,500 USD annually, which is 58% more in comparison to someone with a Certificate or Diploma degree.


A Master’s Degree tends to raise your annual salary up to 137,000 USD, which is 39% more than a Bachelor’s Degree.


This is the present case for salaries for Node.js developers in the US in 2023.


Recruitment is also a very crucial and important phase for your company. Having a high-quality performer who is well-versed in the application is some sort of guarantee and a necessary element for your company to succeed.

Your Node.js developer should have substantial knowledge encompassing technical elements of the system and also the right mindset. But the question is whether such candidates are even findable. Gladus should be the recruitment model one should take into account when doing this process with your company.