Rick Brown

We had been looking for a solution to increase our team without increasing our labor and hours. Within minutes of explaining our requirements to the team at Gladus we had a solution which offered even more than we hoped for. We are working with them for several months now and we are very happy with their services. The sales & support team at Gladus have been fantastic.

Matthew Stewart

HR management can be exceedingly difficult. I gave Gladus the job to handle the HR responsibilities. Business is currently running smooth, and my employees are in good hands. I can focus on other duties on expanding my business.

Keith Waters

Gladus collaborated with my team to focus on a strategy to bring content for social media presence. They have found methods to bring double the traffic into my account. So far, they have exceeded my expectation.


The IT industry is difficult to tackle but Gladus succeeded in bring ing together great minds and incredible companies. They don’t just match a developer with a position, they dive deeper into the needs of the company and find a dev that will not only fit the requirements, but also the set-of-mind of the company. And if you think about it, it’s the only way to ensure that the two will be satisfied with each other. If that’s not dedication to the job, I don’t know what is!


It’s been a wonderful ride so far, working at Gladus! From my first day, I was given the opportunity to learn new things and to explore new fields. This allowed me to test the waters and see what I’m truly capable of. Gladus places the accent on people and their strong suits. As long as you are willing to learn, they will provide you with all the support, coaching and tools to better yourself.


As an international team, Gladus brings together real talented people from which I got to learn so much, from how to better manage my time to how to work more efficiently. I’m just sorry I didn’t get a job here sooner.


My experience so far at Gladus has helped me grow professionally and I am thankful for the opportunity to work with them. I could not have dreamed of a better IT department or of a higher technological calibre. They are smart as well as creative and always manage to find a way to do things against all odds. The management cuts no corners in investing in the latest technologies which benefits both the programmers as well as the company.


Since I’ve joined Gladus, I’ve learned a lot about myself. The family I’ve found here helped me realise what my strong suits are and how I can grow professionally while at the same time, on what parts I should focus more. All the advice I have received has given me confidence to push harder in order to complete a project with flying colours.


In addition, what motivates me is the feedback we get from our clients. I think this is the most important aspect of the job and I’m always thrilled when both the employer and the employee are happy to have found each other.


Each day at Gladus is both inspiring and motivating and it helped me grow professionally tremendously. I am proud to be part of a team that is committed to great results and is working hard to achieve that. What I appreciate most here is the dynamism of work and how different teams rely on each other to complete a project perfectly. Every day brings a new challenge, so I never get bored with what I do.


As a programmer, I was used to managers telling me what I have to do and never caring if I had all the information or not. Usually that led to an ongoing chase for bits and pieces of information. At Gladus, I’m part of an agile team, so the scrum master takes care of us. Every employee from the IT department is laid-back and nobody chases anyone.


At Gladus I have found the international talent pool of the world! I can’t believe how many talented and professional people I’ve met and how much I got to learn from them. They’ve shared their knowledge when I was struggling, helped me to complete major projects when I felt pressured by deadlines and even made me laugh and supported me when I was feeling stressed. It’s hard to believe you can find such an amazing team, but I did it, and so can you!


I’m also impressed with the leadership and their commitment to their employees. They are constantly making sure that every employee is satisfied and that he/she is not getting bored with the same tasks as well as growing along with the company. This deserves a round of applause!


I have worked at Gladus for some time now, and I am still amazed at how people find a way to resolve things even against all odds. You will never hear “it can’t be done”, but “how can it be done?”. People really pull together, and the results can be seen on every project.

Matt Bailey

While we started working with local team fairly recently, they already have distinguished themselves with their flexible and professional approach as well as their ability to cope easily with deadlines and to meet our high requirements. We are happy with their services and we strongly recommend them to our business partners and clients.

Alice Reynolds

Our company has worked with Gladus in their capacity of recruitment HR services provider for more than 6 years. During our partnership, more than 15 significant recruitment projects were successfully completed, including senior management and deeply specialized key profiles.

David Lee

Thanks to continuous support from our partner Gladus we’ve managed to align our resources with the growth of our business and to increase the number of our employees in two years by 38%. We value our partnership and recommend their services.

Christina Rodriguez

I started my Journey with Gladus with my company in Charlotte. They helped me build my business from scratch and 5 years later the percentage of the retained people is simply amazing. From recruitment of developers to marketing and sales people, they were always able to meet my requirements and deadlines. I highly recommend their services.

Daniel Novack

Cooperating with Gladus, we have trusted partner that would always go the extra mile – the firm’s management and the team of recruitment consultants have always shown flexibility to adjust to our business processes and deliver the service needed.

Ivan Valli

Gladus Chicago branch is a trusted partner and provider of recruiting services who supported us with growing one of the most dynamic departments, providing their service with professionalism, expected quality with integrity and ethical business practices.