Jobs for foreigners in US

Jobs for foreigners in US





Every year, people from around the world enter the United States to find a job and establish themselves in the culture of America. On a positive note, in America, one can find a sufficient amount of job opportunities that otherwise are not available in other countries. As long as you know what are you looking for you should be able to find a job that includes high-level, decision-making positions or entry-level.


There are annual 140 000 jobs for foreigners in the US. It must be underlined that visa procedures tend to be a very long and complicated process. The level of complications might vary depending on your purpose of visit or on the type of job you are looking for.


Most of the time, you would need a job offer before applying for a US work visa. Exceptions can be made for individuals who fall into the category EB1. In this case, applying without an initial job offer is possible. The cultures are very different around the world, and so is the culture of job opportunities in the US compared to other countries. Even though getting a job in America is not the easiest thing to accomplish, it certainly is possible if your analysis and intentions are thorough. These factors increase the chance of you getting the job you desire.


Hawaii, California, Colorado, New Hampshire, Florida, and New York are some of the best states to get employed in the US. This page will provide you with detailed information on working in America.





List of the best jobs for foreigners



Prior to traveling to America for a job search, one should consider familiarizing himself/herself with the job market and only after that make the decision to actively search for a job. You must make sure you are on the right track in terms of your skillset and qualifications. In the event that your evaluation is way off, your miscalculations will cost you energy and financial resources. Foreigners’ jobs are drastically different with respect to finding and getting employed in comparison to the local population.




Top 5 jobs With Good Pay In Usa For Foreigners


1. Software Engineer

Software engineering is one of the top priorities and is one of the most highly demanding jobs in the US.


2. Truck Driver

The truck driver is considered to have one of the highest salaries among foreigners’’ jobs. Truck driving has become easier given the lightning-fast speed of technological development.


3. Pharmacy Technician

Pharmacy technicians are in high demand right now. This demand is best explained by the violent rise of drug addicts and the lack of professional pharmacists.


4. Security Personnel

Security guards are very high in demand right now due to the insane amount of cases of violent shootings and massacres that have occurred over the past few years, making this profession one of the most sought-after positions in America.


5. Service Technician and Mechanic

If you consider yourself to be good with tools, then this job would fit you very well. Mechanics are in high demand right now, and numerous enterprises are looking for qualified mechanics to join their companies.




Popular jobs for foreigners in US in 2023



The US offers a wide range of products on the market, with many options to choose from. The service industry employs the biggest portion of America’s foreign or local employees. In the list below, you will get an idea of which fields of work are most common for immigrants and which have brought success. What the data suggests is that more and more immigrants are being transferred to the US, desiring to work in more sophisticated and technical positions. Here are some popular jobs for foreigners in the US in 2023:


Customer service roles


1. Hospitality

2. Tailoring and dressmaking

3. Manual labor positions

4. Agricultural roles

5. Security

6. Food and beverage, restaurant and dining sector

7. Factory and manufacturing work



Entry-level employees are a common sight in the US, although recently there has been a clear need for experienced employees. Statistics show that demand for computers and mathematics regularly outstrips the supply of skilled workers, which causes more immigrants to enter the US. This tendency also includes the most popular job of 2023 for US foreigners.




The worst jobs for foreigners in US



It is common knowledge that people have bad days and poor moods. A bad job can become the reason for never changing that mood.

Lots of foreigners are trapped in hopeless jobs, and there seems to be no escape from them. On top of that, the salary is also miserable and is not at all sufficient to sustain the families and bring bread to your house. Here is the list of bad jobs for foreigners




1. Laborer

2. Janitor

3. Waiter/waitress

4. Cleaner

5. Office clerk

6. Store associate

7. Carpenter

8. Bartender




What makes a certain job bad?


· low income

· Working with customers


The bad atmosphere at the job—working on something that is uninteresting and doing the same thing over and over again—has no perspective on potential growth.





Good education and meaningful job experience are very much appreciated in the United States of America. Therefore, the very first thing to do is get a proper education and make yourself competent and qualified for various job opportunities. The next step is to have work experience, which makes the job search process for foreigners in the US much easier.

The next step is to refine your CV and make yourself more valuable in that sense. You should highlight and pinpoint all the skills that make you competitive in the market. Work opportunities are open in the US; you just need to work hard and try to outdo your competitors. Be job-oriented and have the hunger for bigger financial resources.