Best jobs for students

The best jobs for the students





Working as a college student has several benefits, such as advancing and learning your profession while at the same time covering the expenses of your tuition. You should always put your academic learning first, but there are job opportunities that fit busy college schedules. The best job for a student is one that does not cause stress and is compatible with the student’s academic efforts.




Since the academic year is usually packed with lectures, it is important to find a job that fits your schedule and enables you to work.



It is of crucial importance that work does not interfere with your studies. In case it does, it can cause major stress and anxiety trying to juggle two different lifestyles at the same time.




List of the best jobs for students



Here you can get an overview of some of the best jobs for students that provide flexibility and skill-building and do not involve a lot of stress during work. Due to the reasons stated above, students jobs have one of the most unique places on the market.



1. Administrative assistant


National average salary: $14.84 per hour

The administrative assistant is usually tasked with handling e-mail correspondences, scheduling appointments, keeping and controlling the calendars of managers, taking notes during meetings, crafting MOMs, and maintaining files.



2. Animal caretaker


National average salary: $11.53 per hour

This position entails taking care of domestic animals, such as feeding, bathing, and walking them. These individuals usually work in pet daycares, veterinary facilities, animal shelters, or zoos.



3. Barista


National average salary: $10.88 per hour

A barista works in a café or restaurant, taking orders, and serving food and drinks to visiting customers. Their duty also involves cleaning the area and sanitizing equipment.



4. Customer service representative


National average salary: $12.68 per hour

The main task of a customer service representative is to identify and handle the questions of customers associated with service provision. Customer service representatives give information on services and products in which the customer expresses interest. They are also tasked to help customers in finalizing a purchase.



5. Line cook


National average salary: $12.80 per hour

A line cook’s working place is a kitchen, where he or she reports to a chief. Line cooks’ main tasks include washing, cooking, grilling, and preparing vegetables. Most kitchens have several line cooks for the purpose of distributing different job functions to each and every employee.



6. Receptionist


National average salary: $12.32 per hour

The receptionist greets and directs the visiting customers and answers their questions. Their position also requires them to answer phones and assist with different administrative tasks. They can also be utilized for security check-ups.



7. Restaurant server


National average salary: $10.17 per hour

Servers greet diners, take food and drink orders, answer customer questions related to the menu, and communicate orders to the kitchen. This position is the bridge between the customer and the kitchen, hence making it an important and attentively needed position to be held by the student.



8. Telemarketer


National average salary: $11.98 per hour

Telemarketers are tasked with dialing and selling goods and services to customers. Telemarketers are usually reading from carefully prepared and constructed scripts, through which they try to convince customers to buy the products and services.



9. Transcriptionist


National average salary: $13.74 per hour

A transcriptionist listens to live conversations or recorded tapes and transforms them into readable text with proper grammar and spelling. Transcriptionists can be employed by one company or they can work for multiple clients.



10. Tutor


National average salary: $24.11 per hour

Tutors usually represent academic personnel working separately from different academic institutions, such as schools, universities, or colleges. They usually travel to the pupil’s or student’s home to conduct private lessons, helping them with homework and preparing them for upcoming tests.



11. Cashier


National average salary: $11.27 per hour


Even though the areas of work are increasingly expanding, there is always going to be a need to replace them. But you should keep in mind that a new field of work might emerge—the ones we cannot imagine right now—so it might be a good idea to ensure your skillset is always developing and improving to meet the requirements set by the market.



12. Bookseller


National average salary: $10.04 per hour

Students’ jobs can also include bookselling. Campus booksellers help students find proper literature, offer advice, and take questions. They might also carry out minor financial activities such as working as cashiers and taking payments.



13. Campus library clerk


National average salary: $12.23 per hour

A library clerk’s main functions include assisting libraries with book shelving and helping with printing materials and other resources. Their duties might also include answering e-mails and taking calls from students on different inquiries.




Popular jobs for students in 2023



College life is one big adventure full of studying and financial obligations. In that sense, it is a good idea to have a side job that will help you with covering study costs and being a more independent individual from a financial standpoint. This is the list of popular student jobs in 2023. Here you can find one of the most popular jobs in 2023 that students tend to choose.



1. Nanny

This job is pretty easy to find. Nannies are tasked with taking care of children. Some homes are in need of a nanny because the parents’ working lives are too busy to take care of their children.

You have the chance to get employed as a nanny. If you love children and feel comfortable around them, this job might be one of the more pleasant ones you have taken recently, but at the same time, with this job also comes great responsibility. Children are hyperactive and prone to injuries, and often they unknowingly put themselves in life-endangering situations.



2. Home Cleaning Services

Home cleaning services are one of the easier and safer means of getting extra cash as a student. All you need to do is sign up with an organization. The schedule is quite comfortable, as you do not need to work every day. Maybe just three days a week. This enables you to save some time for studying.



3. Dental Receptionist

For dental receptionists, working is not every day. The dental receptionist welcomes patients and helps them with dentist appointments. You just need to have a friendly attitude and aura to be successful in this particular position.


4. Orderly

Hospital orderlies ensure the safety and care of patients in a hospital. They lift and turn patients, assist with patient personal care, and transport them in wheelchairs or on movable beds. This job includes working both evenings and nights. Another plus with this job is that you do not need your normal clothes as you will be in scrub so you do not have to worry about that aspect of the matter.


5. Bookkeeper

This position requires good knowledge of mathematics. In case you possess the necessary skills for this position, you might want to apply for it and make some extra cash out of it.


6. Librarian

Librarian is not as hard as one might envision. It turns out the librarian has plenty of time for studying and spending time with friends besides working there. It is a fully compatible position if you are looking to study and at the same time make extra cash.


7. Tutor

Pretty popular side job. This position is beneficial for you because you can refresh your memory while sharing the knowledge with someone else. At some point in their lives, everyone has at least tried this position in some shape or form.


8. Restaurant Host/Hostess

This position enables you to meet new people and enjoy free WiFi, free meals, and daily tips. And it is also compatible with your academic life. So if you are looking for these perks, this job is for you.


9. Gym Receptionist

As a gym receptionist, all you have to do is warmly greet trainers and visitors. And the best part is that for that simple endeavor, you will get paid and also have time for your academic activities.


10. Tour Guide


If you love tourism and sightseeing, then this job is definitely for you. This job will enable you to not only have gorgeous sightseeing but also give you the opportunity to meet foreigners and have pleasant communication with them in your state or district.




The worst jobs for students



If you are a student, along with good job opportunities, you must have had some pretty bad ones too. If you had such ones, you for sure will recognize some of these listed job offerings on the market. Here are some of the worst jobs students have ever experienced.



1. Retail

If you have worked in retail, then you know for sure what hell it is to work there. This position includes listening to inadequate and annoying customer requests, to which you have to nod your head and have a big stupid smile on your face. If that is not enough, you also have to stay silent to rude and impolite communication from customers.


At one point, I remember working for two retail companies simultaneously while having the need to go to class three days a week. To this day, I cannot find an explanation for why I put myself in that hell.


2. Call Centre Cold-Calling

Another bad job for students is at places called call centers. Call centers encompass some of the rudest and most impolite customers out there, and we feel for the students who had to put up with such customers for their working period in these centers. It is the definition of a bad student job.


3. The Questionable Office Job

Students with little-to-no experience are often the victims of such companies who do not mind tasking them with questionable duties and taking advantage of them. These companies do not care about working conditions, they don’t put their employees’ students first either. The best thing you can get is a possible perk in the form of free coffee or tea if you are lucky.





It is always difficult to find a job, and being picky as a student adds another layer of complexity. The best job for students is one that enables them not to overstress with job duties. Also, a job that gives the student a chance to breathe and schedule their academic life in a proper manner is a desirable job for a student to choose. It is important for employees to understand that a student’s main priority should remain allocating most of his or her time to studying. Work conditions should not be the reason for the change in priority in a student’s life.