Operations manager. Where to hire, salary and more

Who is the operations manager?





The operations manager plays a critical role in any company working behind the scenes. The operations manager’s duties involve the supervision of goods and services provided by the company. The position requires having oversight of conditions and activities related to the main products or services present in the company. The person holding this position is responsible for planning and coming up with a strategy. The level of importance of this position is quite high and requires a lot of competence and skill set. If you have commanding skills in communication and management abilities, a sales manager’s work would be an ideal choice for your career.

“What does business operations mean?” You might ask. Business operations imply holding down the company and making sure the company is on the right track. The person holding the position of an operations manager is in charge of buying, accounting, HR, and IT matters. It should not come as a surprise that operations managers should possess multiple and multilayered skill sets in order to be eligible for this position.




Where to hire an operations manager



Recruitment websites are all over the internet. It makes it difficult to determine where your job application might land and which of the candidates might be considered suitable for your company. Below, you will find websites combining different elements based on various employment requirements. The list will also be beneficial in terms of acquiring necessary information on hiring operations manager specialist




1. Best for small and local enterprises

One of the main reasons Gladus is one of the most popular job-advertising websites is the fact that job posting is absolutely free of charge.



2. Most suitable for ongoing hiring

Glassdoor is another platform that assists you in finding a qualified applicant. It is more commonly known as an employer review website, although it incorporates functions for job posting and recruiting.


3. Most effective for locating experts

LinkedIn is one of the most sought-after job websites out there. Approximately 75% of job seekers use this website for potential companies and applications.


4. Ideal for new businesses

AngelList is more focused on startups and enterprises that need a push and growth. Recruiting managers is free of charge on AngelList. That is one of the premier reasons why this website is an attractive alternative in comparison to other similar job posting platforms. Via this website, you are fully capable of finding a competent and fitting candidate for your job position.


5. Suitable for business executives

Ladders is oriented towards finding top-tier and highly qualified talent. 80% of candidates have bachelor’s degrees, with many of them having additional degrees and a level of competence, not to mention multiple years of working experience. This website will help you to fill your company with highly trained and valuable individuals.



What to keep in mind while hiring an operations manager


The number of operations managers has recently grown drastically. The role of an operations manager is crucial to the company and is directly responsible for the customer’s expectations being met and fulfilled. Their role cannot be understated since they control the production, budget, and state of goods and services provided by the company. They are also fully involved in determining income targets.


What should HR consider as a priority when hiring an operations manager? Here are a few of the main bullet points:


1. Establish and manage a budget

2. Establish and manage a budget

3. Provide training

4. Keep up with marketing trends

5. Acquire software to increase efficiency

6. Evaluate employee performance

7. Ensure compliance with safety and requirements



HR should focus on someone who has commendable writing and communication skills, with a professional appearance and gravitas. An operations manager should be confident and self-assured.


HR should carefully examine all of the resumes applying for operations manager positions. A careful examination will lead to an interview that will reveal and validate the candidate’s knowledge, skill set, and overall determination to take on this role.


The right candidate should possess both soft and technical skills. A good candidate should have commanding ethical and collegial values in a working environment. This asset will not only determine the eligibility for basic duties and requirements of the job but will serve as a valid indication for HR to go beyond the standard requirement and foresee the candidate’s communication skills and level of responsibility.



Salary of operations manager


An entry-level operations manager specialist’s salary with less than 1 year of experience Is an average compensation (including tips, bonus, and overtime pay) of $53,440 based on 759 salaries. An early-career operations manager with 1-4 years of experience earns an average total compensation of $60,199 based on 12,809 salaries. A mid-career operations manager with 5–9 years of experience earns an average total compensation of $68,960 based on 11,133 salaries. An experienced Operations Manager with 10-19 years of experience earns an average total compensation of $74,898 based on 11,432 salaries. In their late career (20 years and higher), employees earn an average total compensation of $80,730.



Operations managers are a highly important part of a company’s integrity and steady development. They are ensuring that things go as smoothly as possible without potential hiccups and fluctuations.


If you need employees with relevant experience for operations managers, Gladus might be a good starting point where you can find highly qualified individuals to fulfill your company’s ambitions and goals.