JavaScript developer’s salary in the US

JavaScript is an online programming language that supports different web browsers. The purpose of having this programming is to ensure the web browsers are created and changed at the developer’s own will. The requirement to know and understand JavaScript is at least the third among all developers.


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JavaScript developer’s salary

Who is a JavaScript developer?

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JavaScript developer salary in the US



JavaScript developer’s salary in the US





At this stage, we know that market demand for this position is quite high but do we know the exact numbers of potential income that comes from this occupation?


According to the most recent salary data in America, a JavaScript developer’s annual salary is $111,069.





Who is a JavaScript developer?



In this day and age of technological innovations, businesses are trying to improve their digital side of daily work. Businesses must adhere to the latest standards set by technological innovations. This also entails having the best staff of programmers who are able to respond to technological advancements appropriately. JavaScript is now among the most popular programming languages. According to statistics, this programming language was the most widely used language in 2021. To be precise on numbers, more than 65% of developers use JavaScript. This programming is used by small and large corporations alike. Facebook, YouTube, and Amazon all tend to utilize this programming language.


Roles of a JavaScript Developer:


1. Web Developer

So who is the JavaScript developer? JavaScript developers work on interactive websites. The main function and duty are to build adequate internet applications for clients. For the development of such apps, JavaScript developers use HTML, CSS, and JSX. Their role also implies coding. Developers do the testing to make sure compatibility is not an issue once the program becomes fully operational. The developer of JavaScript is doing the design for applications and software within the framework of this programming language. Developers also work on websites to create and analyze codes and improve the overall usability of the website.


2. JavaScript Expert

The developer is prewriting the specific codes for this programming language, allowing him/her to freely determine codes for different projects or websites. The developer might keep these prewritten codes in a folder to save time and use the same activities for different projects in case such a need arises.


3. System Maintenance and Support

A JavaScript developer is responsible for the quality of the apps they create. They make sure the apps are compatible with the websites they are ascribed to. They are also responsible for testing, identifying, and resolving potential problems that might emerge. After the problem is identified, they are obliged to include this information in the reports for their respective projects.


4. User Support and Training

Developers also manage to get training in the programming language. They sometimes do live identification and problem-solving for their team members, with the aim of spreading first-hand knowledge and disseminating practical information among coworkers who might be in touch with JavaScript. A practical demonstration is intended to keep applications running without hiccups.




Best US companies to work as a JavaScript developer

JavaScript employment was not popular until Express and NodeJS gained popularity, which caused a chain reaction, making JavaScript one of the most sought-after occupations. JavaScript developers are spread out in every field of work would that be the public or private sector. Their field of knowledge makes them necessary assets for every company or public entity.


JavaScript developer salary in the US


The range, the median, the maximum, and the minimum

Salary Range


JavaScript developer in the US earns within a range from 45,600 USD per year (the lowest pay) to 134,000 USD per year (the highest compensation) (maximum salary).

Median Salary


The median annual remuneration is around $84,100. This figure indicates that the average salary for at least 50% of JavaScript developers is lower than stated above, while the other half earns more. In general, one would want to have an adequate and appropriate salary when working in the JavaScript programming language.



Two numbers are closely connected to the median: the 25th and 75th percentiles. According to the salary distribution graphic, we have JavaScript developers making less than $58,400. This number is 25% of JavaScript developers. The figures also show that 75% of JavaScript developers earn less than $105 000, while there are individuals consisting of 25% who earn more than $105 000.



JavaScript Developer salary comparison by years of experience


Experience often tends to determine the criteria for setting the range of salaries. As a general rule, more experience brings a higher salary to your bank account. Down below, you will find the discoveries regarding the wages of developers according to their experience level.


A JavaScript Developer who has less than two years of experience might expect to earn not more than $51800 annually.


2 to 5 years of experience is expected to give you earnings of around $69500 per year which in comparison is 34% higher than those having no more than 2 years of experience in the field.


5 to 10 years of experience tends to raise the wage to $90,300, which is 30 percent higher than the income of those with two to five years of experience.


Furthermore, JavaScript developers with ten to fifteen years of experience earn 109,000 USD a year, which is 21% more than someone with five to ten years of experience.


15 to 20 years of experience makes you join the elite club of employees who earn around $191,000 annually, making their salary 9% higher in comparison to individuals with 5 to 10 years of expertise.


20 plus years of experience brings a total sum of 126000$ making it 5 % higher than those with not more than 20 years of experience.


It is common knowledge that better education leads to greater salaries, but how much of a role does education play exactly when it comes to salaries? To have a palpable and practical comparison, we have divided developers’ wages by education level as the main criteria.



These are the numbers of JavaScript developers in the US in 2023, ranked by their education level:


Developer earns an annual salary worth 61 500$ when their education level consists of a Certificate or Diploma.


Bachelor’s Degree will make you earn 93 400$ which is a 52% higher number than someone with Diploma or Certificate.


A Master’s Degree is tending to earn a salary worth 13200$, making it 42% more than Bachelor’s Degree.




The career of a JavaScript developer is going to prepare you for working in the field of technology, but due to the nature of this programming language, your skillset will apply to different fields of work. You have many doors open when your background in this programming language is solid and firm. You might try yourself in web development, mobile app development, or give the chance to machine engineering.