Hire a product manager. Where to hire top product managers in 2023

Hire a product manager. Where to hire top product managers in 2023





Where to hire a product manager?


In startups and technology companies, product managers are essential. They are in charge of your platform’s or product line’s strategy, roadmap, and feature specification. They are also in charge of the cross-functional groups tasked with enhancing your product. How do you go about making that exceptional hiring for such a crucial position? And where to hire a product manager?

Hire a product manager in a hurry and you’ll regret it later. A product manager was hired in a hurry since the money was going to run out. Or the introduction of a new product? believing “this person is better than no one?” while under pressure to choose a candidate in this post, we’ll go through how to employ excellent product managers over and time again.

As employment searches have moved online, ads are a thing of the past. Hiring managers must vary their advertising channels because there is no default option for job seekers.

We have the list for you which identifies the most qualified project managers on the market and you should aim for these platforms to utilize since their systems are quite sophisticated and would be of great assistance for your company’s needs when it comes to PM.



Why not let LinkedIn replace your “help wanted” advertisements since it has already replaced your Rolodex? The nicest thing about advertising a position and hiring a product manager on this sizable networking site is that prospective applicants may do their research and find out who they know who is related to your business. Many candidates’ decision-making processes may be sped up by having quick access to details about your business, related workers, and even documentation of your corporate culture all on one platform, which makes it simpler for them to decide if it’s a good fit before applying. You’ll also be able to use back channels as a recruiting manager to check if you know anyone who has information on strong candidates.


Product Manager HQ

Product Manager HQ represents the strongest platform to help candidates with advancements in their careers in product management. Product Manager HQ is home to more than 26 000 candidates wanting to further develop their profession. This platform enables aspirants to properly plan and execute ideas around project management, improve their skills, and prepare themselves for much tougher tasks along the way.


Observe the Product

This global distributor of ProductTank gatherings and workshops, a center of thought leadership in the field of product management, also has a bustling job board. Product managers looking for work have a good probability of finding your ad there if you have a well-known brand in the PM industry. So use ProductTank and hire a product manager.



Job seekers are constantly seeking methods to learn more about what they would be getting into if they accepted a position with a new organization. The pay information and employee evaluations on Glassdoor make it a go-to tool for a prospect who enjoys conducting research. Post a job on Glassdoor to attract the attention of those looking for a chance to join the excitement and potential at your company and hire a product manager..



This platform filters product specialists and leaves out less qualified and unfit candidates. This system is designed for better decision-making in the field of hiring as its sophisticated system allows you to have a look at the candidates that already have some type of advantage and hence are more likely to be compatible with your company’s requirements when it comes to PM.



Gladus represents a platform where you can identify your needs for project management. This organization has the capacity to reach top managers not only on a local level but in the regional sense too. If you are a startup company and looking for a sharp product manager this company might come in handy.


Product management is not the most sought-after profession out there, so your aim should be to attract as many candidates for project management as possible. You should hold communication with your fellow product managers if they would look forward to the opportunity of working with someone who would be open-minded about new offers and opportunities. Communicate with your former colleagues outside of your organization. This might lead to positive developments and potential future professional partnerships. You should definitely consider utilizing social media platforms to spread the word and make yourself more visible in that sense too. Be prepared that being popular with many followers might be a daunting task and a logistically complex process to manage, but it is rather worth it as you will be covering a large number of individuals amassed in one digital space on your social media webpage. So in that sense, even coming with a couple of drawbacks, social media has undeniable positives to be considered for your business.


Locating qualified candidates is no easy task at all times. Sometimes it might be difficult to recognize someone as being compatible with employment standards. There might be situations where you have to decide to hire a product manager with no prior experience in project management, provided you are ready to act as a mentor, let alone a manager. Having no prior expertise might be compensated in the event that employees possess the necessary interpersonal and communication skills. Your new worker might be from a completely different sphere and might desire to try his/her skills in project management. In case you have the energy and resources to devote the proper amount of time to training them and enhancing their skills, this option might be for you. This practice will eventually lead them to become effective PMs for your company in the future.