Convert job seekers into employees

How to convert passive job seekers into employees


If you are looking for someone to hire, it is highly likely that the person has already found a job. It does not mean that you should lower your standards when it comes to hiring top talents. You should try and create conditions that will attract top talents as some type of new opportunity worth checking out.

Do you think employees meeting your standards are going to be content with their position? You will be amazed at how many top-tier talents quit their jobs.





Passive Job Seekers: Who Are They?


Passive job seekers are employed people who look for better and improved opportunities if a situation of this type arises. They are not job hunting but rather quietly awaiting the right moment to grab the new offer. How should one know whether passive seekers are the right ones? The answer would be to try and go for them. Without trying, one would never know their potential and potential benefit to the company.



Tips on how to convert passive job seekers into employees


So, how might a company entice passive job seekers? Here are some pointers that may help you:


1. Proper timing is key

According to research, individuals who have been in the same position for more than two years are most likely searching for new offers and opportunities. Those who started recently are not likely to be eager to leave their positions. But if a person has been in the same position for six years, then it means they are happy with their job.


2.  Make yourself stand out

You must be very active for passive seekers to be able to notify you as a potential employer. Spread the word through your employees about your company, and maintain social media and websites. These points will increase the likelihood of your business appearing on the horizon for passive seekers.


3. Seek recommendations

This point envisages having a network of friends and colleagues giving you information on potential hiring resources in the form of passive candidates. You have to be the one who is most active in this case to make yourself visible to passive candidates. As a result, you can collect a solid list of potential employees. This is one of the first steps toward converting passive job seekers into employees.


4. Make invitations to events

It is important to have professional rendezvous with applicants to install mutual trust between you and him/her. It creates a sense of importance at the moment and motivates candidates even more.


5.  Make pay and advancement more tangible

A solid income and good benefits are no-brainers for anyone seeking a job. You should analyze your company’s offers and compare them with those of other businesses to know where your strengths are and where there is a need for improvement.


6. Research your social networks

Utilize social media to the maximum extent to make sure you are engaging with potential employees on all fronts. You should be noticeable to them. Fire on all cylinders will make them more interested in your company and they will be drawn to you. Interaction is key and using as many mediums as possible increases the chances of your success.


Bonus Tip!

Make sure balance and flexibility are at the top of your list. Work-life balance is one of the most important things for a worker. Your policy should be dedicated to a flexible and comfortable work-life balance that emphasizes its importance to your job. These will attract passive candidates even more. Encouraging a certain sense of freedom motivates candidates to try your working environment.



Convert freelancers into employees


Open roles can be covered by freelancers. However, a good freelancer is tough to replace. This might be the moment when you want to try and transition freelancers’ partial jobs to full-time jobs. Both parties benefit from this arrangement. A full-time worker now has all the benefits that his ex-status as a freelancer did not allow him/her to have, and as an employer, now you have a full-time worker who is qualified and competent and will attract top performers to your team.


Passive job applicants are not easy to find. You might need to think outside the box, be creative, and push your limits. It should be noted that this is not your usual recruitment process. It is rather unconventional. However, if done properly, you would be on your way to securing the most talented and competent resources that will establish a certain level of standard and assist your company in achieving the success it desires.